A trip to those places I learned so much from, Scott Lane studio near Boston, A near perfect model, I love the results, will add more with more time

Back in 2016 I was stranded for work in a small town an hours drive from Ann Arbor, MI which was so close to a great place, yet so far. But, Anna made the trip to the hotel, and made that dreary work travel worth it all.

On the other hand, this was one of my major fuck-ups ever as a phonographer, had all the gear ready, but did not check the camera settings, the room was horrid yellow brown, and I shoot the whole set to JPEG, no Raw files, no way to really fix some great images.

And so while I am really happy with the results, I know! I could have doen way better.

Would love to shoot with here again 🙂


One I have learned so much from, stunning lady!!!

Dasha, young magnificent and photogrphically a treat.



Images from master class by Andrey Roomosovsky 2014,  Jaffa

and every word I would add would be wasted.

And rope does to.

and have them stay as a part of me.


For a reason unkown, male beauty. nude seems more of a taboo thenever before.

Not to me, the human form can not be half beauty, half beast, we are all parts and should be able to see both beauty and beast in each of us.

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