Dasha, young magnificent and photogrphically a treat.



Images from master class by Andrey Roomosovsky 2014,  Jaffa

and every word I would add would be wasted.

And rope does to.

and have them stay as a part of me.


For a reason unkown, male beauty. nude seems more of a taboo thenever before.

Not to me, the human form can not be half beauty, half beast, we are all parts and should be able to see both beauty and beast in each of us.

There’s a true joy when movement and character combine in one, it becomes a privilege to be the one catching those moments

There are a few shoots where every second is just fun. This was a memrobale one!

India, and Goa are always good to me, in this shoot I found a friend and quiet by the sea.

A bit after I picked up my camera, I went through a trial phase, shooting a variety of subjects.

This shoot, and a specficimage of it, kind of set me on my way.

Hope you see why.


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